IT services for small and medium enterprises

MSP (Managed Services Provider)

What is an MSP?

Managed Services Provider

The MSP service is the outsourcing of IT departments that covers the four most essential verticals: consulting, support, implementation, and software.





How do we improve user satisfaction with MSP?

Our mission is to be an extension of the entire Apple experience in all IT areas for our customers, and there is no better way to do this than to accompany you in your day-to-day work.

Whether the customer has an IT department or not, the MSP service accompanies the customer to adapt to the needs.

We take care of the good functioning, continuity, and fluidity with a proactive approach, allowing the client to concentrate on his business and not on the technology.

Without MSP

With MSP

How does it work?

With a monthly fee per device that depends on the MSP plan selected

Entry 7€ – 10€ per deviceGood 11€ – 15€ per deviceBetter 18€ – 25€ per device
Unlimited 5×8 support
Consulting meetings
MDM device management platform
Management of mail, office, backups, servers
Network monitoring and alarming software
Management of hardware repairs
Plan of continuous improvement
Account manager
Training in macOS and iOS
Remote Access Software
Mobile Firewall Solution
Green point
Backup devices

Calculate your budget

Calculate your monthly fee based on the devices you want to include in your MSP plan.


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