Planning the network infrastructure

We prioritize, value and optimize your Wifi network. It is essential that the hospital has a homogeneous and reliable Wi-Fi network connection.In hospital environments, confidential health data demands a secure and robust Wi-Fi deployment.


Setting up and deploying iOS in the hospital environment has never been easier. With a mobile device management solution, your organization can easily deploy devices and content to scale.It optimizes the initial experience of the patient and also deactivate benefits or services that are unnecessary or can store personal data.

Solutions for hospitals

Set up your team of nursing from healthcare institutions that need to communicate quickly and smoothly with patients, families, clinical staff and other medical equipment. Help them to administer medicines, collect samples, documents on their mobile phones, documentation of injuries, how to coordinate with other medical teams, respond to emergencies and warnings, ensure compliance with regulations on drug administration and document vital signs from the patients.

Solutions for caring outside the hospital

We focus on your ability to interact with the patient and you can offer the best experience during the stay in the hospital. The implementation with the iPad with special apps for the patient allows hospitals to improve each phase of the process, from admission to discharge. Hospitals make their patients the center of medical care and provide them with common actions such as consulting the planning of the day, being in touch with their medical team, following their evolution, knowing their treatment plan or choosing their entertainment apps.


Vision – Listening – Reading and writing
We enable your hospital with the most advanced technology so that we can advance everyone.


We are committed to keeping your information and that of your patients safe. An appropriate structure together with Apple devices have the privacy of all users, we have the best tools to strengthen the security of your data.

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