Setek in education

We have been in the education sector for 20 years. Awakening creativity in schools with security and privacy is one of our most important challenges.

«Innovation arises when we awaken the creativity of students and technology is not used to replace other activities, but contributes to redefining learning.»

–Goochland County Circumscription (Virginia, USA)





iPad Project

Wifi network design
Implantation of the project
Device Management
Support, consultancy and support in a specialized and adapted way

Networks and privacy

Install a high quality Wi-Fi infrastructure with priority to the capacity and coverage
Control the access to apps and webs
Maintain the privacy of student content

Device Management

Help the students and staff to get a quick work
Wirelessly manage iPad, Mac, and Apple TV devices
Large Scale Implantation
Distribute apps, books, PDF files, and web clips
it padres profesores setek


We are looking for a teaching based on a growth mentality and a philosophy that allows the teacher to design learning experiences, only in this way we can make the most of technology in their classrooms.


It teaches you how to solve problems, how to work together in creative ways, and how to design apps that shape your ideas.

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