MSP (Managed Service Provider)

Efficient and straightforward multi-platform technical support.

A service for professionals to concentrate on work and not on technology, we propose a highly qualified and certified IT service, to be responsible for the smooth running and continuous improvement of the business.

Support, consultancy and support in a specialized and adapted way.

CRM. Daylite

Take your business further

Daylite helps you simplify your life so your small business runs smoother. Manage leads, clients, and projects – all in one place. Win more business and get more done – all with less stress.

Exclusively for Mac, iPhone & iPad

Networks and security

The Wifi that works! The network that protects you! Global workers!
Networks that adapt to all the ways of working of your employees. Nets made for you with the security your company needs. Control every aspect of your network, checking which computers use too much bandwidth or violate security policies. Set consumption limits for services such as video streaming or any other application. Enjoy continuous protection anywhere. Access your corporate network without fear and set robust criteria for teleworking. Protect your business from threats by balancing efficiency with productivity.


Data always accessible, information is in one place. Give them access from any device. When professionals have tools they can access from anywhere, they are more satisfied and motivated. That’s why more and more companies are adopting our solutions, with our solutions model it will be very easy for you to offer the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world. You will see that it is simple, flexible and comfortable, just what you expect!

Communication and telephony

The most complete Unified Communications, collaboration and security service. The easy cloud for businesses. Improve the collaboration and productivity of your company with solutions and teamwork tools that centralize and simplify all forms of communication, from any device. Simplicity for the user, improved business processes, cost savings and increased productivity.


A global software and hardware solution to change the experience in your business. Our solution for your business helps you to easily connect with the customer and increase your sales. From making a sale with a practical and elegant product catalog, to processing payments and sending receipts to your customers by email or SMS.


Your Apple devices configured, registered, and secure with ease.

Reduce the total cost of ownership of the Apple device by improving resource efficiency across the enterprise and increasing the productivity of staff and IT managers.


Open the box


Turn on the device


There’s no 3rd step!


Helping you to transform the relationship of the company with customers is our challenge, we offer flexible solutions, fast and easy to change experience in your hotel. It offers a wide range of services, such as reservations through applications, knowing the details of the hotel, having a solid and safe navigation to be oriented and have information on flights and climates of the new area to do online and automatic Check in / out, messaging, offers, surveys. Prepare content, entertainment, requests, local recommendations, events and room services. We have a world of possibilities for your hotel.

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